ZTE Blade V – rooting

This guide was written using Windows XP but should be suitable for all Windows versions. The notable exception being that Windows 8 will refuse the fast boot driver as it was modified by a third party. You will need to disable driver signing to install that and you’ll have to google for how to do that.

Download drivers

1) Download and install the ZTE Drivers
2) Download and unzip this third party ZTE fastboot driver. We’ll need it later as the above official drivers don’t work in fastboot.

Download flashing tools

1) Make a new folder on your c: drive. You can call it anything you like but for the purposes of this guide I am calling it root so you have a folder c:\root\
2) Download and unzip the Android SDK (32 bit version)
3) From where you unzipped the Android SDK, browse to sdk\platform-tools and copy adb and fastboot to c:\root\
4) Download KonstaT’s ClockWorkMod for Blade V and copy it to c:\root\

Boot into fastboot

1) Connect the phone to your PC via USB cable and for the USB mode select ‘connect to PC software’ and wait for the previously installed drivers to setup
2) Click the Windows start button go to run and enter cmd to open up a command prompt
3) enter c:
4) enter cd \root
5) enter adb devices and it should return the phones model
6) enter adb reboot bootloader and the phone will reboot to a green android

All future references to the command prompt expect you to be in C:\root\. If you close your command prompt at any point between now and completing this then please repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 above before proceeding with any steps below that require you to type in commands.

Install the fastboot driver

1) Right click My Computer and select properties then the hardware tab then device manager
2) You will see an entry for Android with a yellow exclamation error. Double click this and select update driver
3) Select install from a specified location and hit next
4) Browse to where you unzipped the fastboot driver in the first part and run through the wizard
5) In your command prompt, enter fastboot devices and it should return the phones serial number

Testing recovery and backing up your stock rom

1) enter fastboot boot recovery-cwm6036-8225.img and the phone will reboot into recovery
2) use the volume keys to navigate and power to select options and create a backup of your rom
3) From recovery, choose to reboot the phone. Note that CWM will offer to root your phone for you – say no.

Flashing recovery

Assuming all of the above went to plan then at this point all your drivers are correctly installed, your recovery works and you have a backup of your stock rom.

1) enter adb reboot bootloader and the phone will reboot to a green android
2) enter fastboot flash recovery recovery-cwm6036-8225.img
3) enter fastboot boot recovery-cwm6036-8225.img
4) From recovery, choose to reboot the phone. If you have firmware v2.1, it will warn you that the rom will try and restore the stock recovery and offer to disable this feature. Choose to disable it.

You can now boot into ClockWorkMod at will by pressing volume down while powering on or using adb reboot recovery from your command prompt

Use the volume keys to navigate and power button to select options

Installing root

1) Download Superuser (do not unzip it)
2) Copy superuser to your phones SD card using the usb cable with the phone in USB mass storage mode
3) Remember to eject the phones sd card(s) from Windows after the file copy
4) Boot the phone into clockworkmod recovery
5) choose to install a zip from sd card and select superuser.zip