ZTE Blade 1 – rom (archived)

CM7.2 Unofficial January 26th 2013

Download 90.7MB
MD5# 4cf19a351a7fd6c49f15117dbf853197

Includes changes up to and including “Work around some failures in Wrigley 3G RIL” from here, plus the following:

  • New Adreno libs that score more than 15% better in Antutu 3d scores!

Known issues

  • If you leave the wifi on whilst the phone sleeps it may use a little more battery than older versions for some users. This can be avoided by flashing the kerenl/wifi package below from ClockWork Mod.

Alternative CM7 kernels

The previous kernel and wifi with the new kernels features added.

Sejs kernel 4.0MB
MD5# C41FDE5AA7F96A82871170DA047BE1C1

Setup Tips

  • If the in call proximity sensor does not work correctly then go to Settings -> Device Settings -> Calibrate proximity sensor
  • If you use the auto backlight and it’s not working well for you, follow this post
  • For a good balance between battery life and performance I recommend you go into Settings -> Cyanogenmod Settings -> Performance -> CPU Settings and change the governor to SmartAssV2
  • To see battery percentage on the status bar, go to Settings -> Cyanogenmod Settings -> Interface -> Status Bar Tweaks -> Battery Style
  • If you have trouble with your homescreen lagging when you return from an app, go to Settings -> Cyanogenmod Settings -> Performance and put a tick in ‘lock home in memory’

Modified Gapps

The Google Market v3 updated to v3.10.10 (now branded ‘Play’)

Play 3.10.10 7.9MB
MD5# 33C56D37032DF870B1742F60C5DC0C26

ClockwordMod Recovery Touch

For the ZTE Blade only! By Snap.IT using KonstaT’s kernel

Flash this from your current recovery
Recovery 4.2MB
MD5# 96d1fe1130a941868563a54a0f6cfe03

Mini Gapps for ICS

A stripped down version of Gapps 20120429 for phones with a small system partition.

Does not include gmail or voice search but you can download these separately from the market.

Download 10.0MB
MD5# 9C623E6769326A7FD8B23C7555EEF5AA

ICS fonts for CM7

A much nicer to read font on a small screen! Thanks to 3xeno at XDA

Roboto font 0.3MB
MD5# 031392E3CB05B6F433A20A9DAA032AAC

Faster Adreno 200 libs for Gingerbread

15% faster in 3d benchmarks. This is already included in my roms and is provided here for use with other roms. Thanks to LtHuNTer_StepheN at XDA

Adreno libs 1.25MB
MD5# D6CF866F7610147B1F812F2AB25367DA

Flash for ARMv6 – Not compatible with ICS

Flash is supposed to require an ARMv7 CPU.
This has been recompiled to work on an ARMv6 CPU such as that found in the Blade.

Flash 10.3 4.4MB. The source of this is an ARMv6 tablet called the Mapan MX71G.
MD5# FC38D5995ACD46373D44E21A1AB0A94A

My Apps

Link to installed user apps
Link to frozen system apps