PlusPlus Utilities (archived)

This site was once home to a series of little utilities for Windows 9x (hence the domain name!)  They were unfortunately all lost long ago in an accident involving a broken RAID array back in the early days of consumer RAID when the controllers were not quite so robust.


No relation to the feature filled popular editor you’ll find these days with a google search for the name.  And said editor did infact have the name first and I apologise for using it – search engines back then weren’t as good as they are these days when trying to find if names are already in use!

The aim of this was to create an editor as close to Microsofts Notepad as possible (I like the simplicity of it) but without the 64kb limitation.  Microsoft themselves removed this limit anyway in the NT based versions of Windows (2000+).
This program was strangely popular in Sweden and was even featured on a magazine cover CD with an article about it inside.


A slideshow picture viewer.
Windows has one built in these days.


This was never released, though a lot of the code was used in a commercial project.