ZTE Blade V – storage

Swap SD cards

The phone only has 1.5GB of internal SD card and expects you to add your own external SD card. Which is fine except just about everything favours using the small internal card instead of the large external one. The android folder where the obb files go, .android_secure where apps moved to sd go, external data downloads for apps. So 1.5GB won’t last you long!
However, if you have root, you can swap which card Android thinks is the internal and external so everything uses your larger card.

If you have ClockwordMod installed than you can simply download and install the following:

Otherwise, you can manually replace the SD card configuration file.
Download this file: vold.emmc.fstab (right click the link and use ‘save as’)
Copy it to your phones SD card
Now using a root file explorer go to /system/etc and rename the file vold.emmc.fstab as a backup in case you ever want to revert this swap
Using your file explorer, copy or move the file from your sd card into /system/etc

WARNING: This is best done on a clean phone. Or at least make sure no apps have been moved to the sd card.